Why Innovation? #IMMOOC

Day 2 - Boring

Though teachers are working harder than ever,
and we have more standards and testing than ever, and our curriculum is more aligned than ever,
what we’re doing isn’t working.

It’s working for some of our kids; it’s probably working for your kids if you are reading a blog about education.  But, it isn’t working for ALL of our kids.

It’s not just my opinion; over 21 studies show virtually the same thing.

  • Less than half of our students feel positively about their college and career readiness.  YouthTruth Student Survey 2015
  • Just under half of our kiddos report feeling engaged in school, and a fifth are actively disengaged. Gallup Student Poll 2016
  • Student engagement drops yearly from 5th grade to 11th grade, only rising slightly when seniors see the light at the end of the tunnel. Gallup Student Poll 2015
    student engagement by grade level

So, what can we do for the kids not represented by the blue bars, for the ones who aren’t engaged?

That’s why we innovate!

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