Citable: Super Simple Online Research Tool

Citable is a Chrome Extension that can be used in research to collect and tag notes and quotes.

Add the Citable app to Chrome. The, when you find a quote or note you like, highlight it and click the Citable icon. You’ll choose or create a topic name, give your quote a tag or add a note,. Citable will save your note or quote in a Google Spreadsheet that can then be sorted, etc.

Screencastify Chrome Extension

Screencastify is my #1 favorite Chrome Extension for teachers and students. It has multiple uses for teachers and students, not the least of which is cloning the teacher. Do you have instructions or lessons that you find yourself repeating more than 3 times a day? If so, try recording it!

Use Screencastify for:
Mini-lessons: Your students can rewatch if they get stuck, catch up when they are absent, and much more.
Directions or explanations: Think stations or beginning of class procedures.
Student feedbackPull up a student product and speak your feedback.)
Student language or fluency practice
Student peer teaching or projects

Check out Kathy Schrock’s Screencasting Guide for more ideas!

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